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Get started with our plug and play, cross-platform game backend.

Build, ship and run your best games.

Level up your game.

Use our plug and play tools to upgrade your game and give your players the best experience possible. Save time building features from scratch, and focus on the gameplay.

  • Manage your game
    Manage your game

    Save time and upgrade your game with leaderboards, progression, and more. Completely off-the-shelf features, built to work with any game and platform.

  • Manage your content
    Manage your content
  • Manage your players
    Manage your players

Skip the grind while building great games.

  • Plug and play

    Get advanced features straight out of the box, ready to plug into your game. Saving you weeks, if not months, of building, managing, and scaling everything yourself.

  • Pick and mix

    Get scale and flexibility. Choose how much (or how little) you use from us. Add or remove features on a whim. And don't compromise on the game features you need. We’ve got your back.

  • Work smart. And safely.

    The only backend that lets you easily test changes safely before they reach your game, and roll out big releases all at once.

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Made by game devs just like you.

  • Only human support

    Although we love a good bot, you'll always talk to a person with us. You can reach out to our team of engineers on Discord, whenever you need them.

  • Pricing that scales with you

    Our pricing scales as your game grows. And it's free until you've got 10,000 monthly players. No spreadsheets required. And no surprises down the line.

Build with cross-platform in mind.

Launch your game on other platforms without losing sleep. Let LootLocker handle all of the cross-platform accounts, integrations, and payments for you. So you can build games for players on any device.

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Get started with our plug and play, cross-platform game backend.