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Save time and upgrade your game with leaderboards, achievements, progression, and more. Completely off-the-shelf features, built to work with any game on any platform.

Achievements feature icon


Track how far players are towards achievements or trophies and sync them to other game platforms.

Collectables feature icon


Items, pigeons, cards, monsters. Collect and track certain objects then give the player a reward if they collect them all.

Crafting feature icon

Coming soon

Sort out your crafting recipes, what they create, and which items players can craft together.

Energy feature icon


Create a time-based energy system (or lives). Use the server's time to make sure players can't cheat by changing the time on their device.

Heroes & Classes feature icon

Heroes & Classes

Rogue. Tank. Omniknight. Define the heroes and classes that players can play, their attributes, and what they can equip or store in their inventory.

Leaderboards feature icon


Create and edit leaderboards, then connect them to missions, leveling, achievements, triggers, and more.

Mission feature icon


Add and edit your quests and races. Set rewards and other details to make them fun, challenging, and unique.

Progression feature icon


Levelling systems, reputation, battle passes and more. Set them up and add rewards at each level.

Triggers feature icon


Add whatever triggers you want to, then reward players however you see fit.

Manage your content.

Take charge of all your game's content for every platform, in one central place. Sort, edit and manage everything, from cosmetics to currencies, UGC to DLC. All without breaking a sweat.

Cosmetics feature icon


Support items with different visual styles without having to create duplicates in your database.

Cross-Platform DLC feature icon

Cross-Platform DLC

Create and manage the downloadable content that's linked to specific platforms, like Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Currencies feature icon


Add one or many virtual currencies to your game, like gems or gold. Give them subunits, define the exchange rates and decide what players can buy with them.

Custom Game Config feature icon

Custom Game Config

Customise your game remotely and in real-time. Tweak and test parameters without needing to release updates.

Drop Tables feature icon

Drop Tables

Set how many items should drop from monsters and dragons. Choose how rare you want them to be and how many items each player can loot.

In-Game Store feature icon

In-Game Store

Build your own in-game store. Integrate with all major game payment systems, and let your players buy content with real-world money.

Loot Boxes feature icon

Loot Boxes

Package up your items, set how rare the contents are, and give your players random rewards.

Rental feature icon


Package up specific content that you can give players for a defined period of time.

User-Generated Content feature icon

User-Generated Content

Let your players create and upload their own content, moderated and curated by your admins.

Manage your players.

Store all of your players' data together in one place. Access their profile and friends list across all platforms. While you manage reports, messages, refunds and gifts to keep them hooked.

Friends & Clans feature icon

Friends & Clans
Coming soon

Let players add friends, form groups and run clans. No matter what platform they're using.

Gifting & Refunds feature icon

Gifting & Refunds

Send your players content, gifts and refunds through a single interface.

Guest Login feature icon

Guest Login

Skip the login screen and let players jump straight into the game. Just assign them an ID from the game instead.

Messages feature icon


Use one system to alert all your players to your news, updates or scheduled events.

Platform Account Login feature icon

Platform Account Login

Authenticate your players using the platform they're playing on, like Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch.

Player Accounts feature icon

Player Accounts

Automatically create player accounts that can store their inventory, progression, files, and more. All safely accessible from the cloud.

Player Reporting feature icon

Player Reporting

Let your players flag whether someone is behaving toxic, cheating or uploading inappropriate content.

Player Search feature icon

Player Search

Use your player's account name, platform ID, or any other identifier attached to their account.

Reports feature icon


Generate and export reports on what your players are buying in a given time period

Segments feature icon


Send content to specific segments of your players, based around whatever criteria you like.

Whitelabel Login feature icon

Whitelabel Login

Create a custom login screen where players register their username and email address for one or all of your games.

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