You won't need a spreadsheet to figure out the costs. Our pricing is simple, scalable, and predictable. And our platform is completely free up until you hit over 10,000 monthly users – even if your game has already launched.

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Game development is already hard, so let's make it easier.

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Protect your wallet

We won't charge you for any “surge players” - when you get an influx of one-off players. As they don't stick around, we don't think it's fair to add them to the bill.

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A direct line to our team

There's no middle man with our support. Whether it's with setting up our SDK, or if you have a question about a feature, you can always chat directly to our engineers.

LootLocker for Bigger Studios.

Different studios have different needs. We get that. So if you have more projects and are looking for custom options, we can help.

Whether you need to access our source code or want to host our service with a different cloud provider. We're flexible.

If that's what you're looking for, then check out our Enterprise license.

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Access the source code

Build your own features or modify our existing ones. Get access to our source code and customize the backend however you like.

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Host wherever you want

You can host LootLocker on any cloud provider. Whether its AWS, Azure, or GCP, it'll work with your specific tech stack needs.

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Get your own support team

The larger the company, the more moving parts. So you'll get extra time from our engineers, as and when you need them.

Frequently Asked

  • How much does LootLocker cost?
    We're completely free until you hit over 10,000 players each month. From there, we have a simple and straightforward pricing system that scales with your game's success. No spreadsheet required. And no hidden costs.
  • Will I have to pay if my game drops below 10,000 players?
    Nope. If your game drops below 10,000 monthly players, we won't charge you. Losing players is tough enough. (Especially when you still have a business to run.) So you don't need to worry about a bill from us if that happens.
  • How can I ask for a feature or report a bug?
    We take feature requests and pesky bugs seriously. So please email us directly at, or chat to the team on Discord.
  • Do you support next-generation consoles?
    Yes we do. We support all major platforms, as and when they come out. But if you're working on a platform we don't support, then let us know. We'll look into adding them to our family of supported platforms as soon as we can.
  • How can I speak directly with the development team?
    On our Discord channel. Someone from our engineering and development team is always on there and should get back to you within 24 hours.
  • I'd like to host LootLocker myself, is that possible?
    Absolutely. We offer this in our Enterprise License. Let us know if you have any questions
  • What's a “Surge Player”?
    A Surge Player is someone who only downloads your game, gives it a try, and then never comes back. Usually this is fine, unless you have hundreds of thousands of these players at the same time (say, from a free weekend event). This could really ramp up your bill. But since they're not spending much time in your game, we don't think it's fair to charge you for them.

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