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Alexander Bergendahl2 min read
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At LootLocker we decided to use Discord as our primary communications platform for both internal and external conversations. Why use Discord - a tool designed for gaming communities - instead of Slack or Microsoft Teams?

Well, at LootLocker we believe in transparency, community, and most importantly staying as close to our game developers as possible. We love Slack and have used it together and in previous companies for many years now, but as a business-to-business company we always found it to be a frustratingly closed environment when working with external parties - be it contractors or potential clients. You would have to manually create and manage each account separately, and often pay for accounts just to give them the right amount of access to your company's internal communication.

Discord, however, works the completely opposite way - we have our LootLocker server which can be joined by anyone and then have our own closed-off section for internal discussions. This way we only need to be in one place to talk internally and with our prospective users. Discord also has voice and video channels - or in our case we call them "conference rooms" - for both internal and external uses, which we feel is a lot more inviting than having to call each other directly. Discord also lets people join channels through an invite link, making it even easier for our users to get in touch with us.

Finally, as the LootLocker community grows we will have all of our own developers and users in one place, easily accessible to each other and hopefully helping each other with our product or simply hanging out and sharing news about the games they are working on.

So, why not join our Discord channel and say hi?

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