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Alexander Bergendahl1 min read
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We are partnering with PatchKit, the white-label game launcher technology company used by publishers like TinyBuild and Bossa Studios. Through this partnership we will be integrating LootLocker’s cross-platform player management and live ops systems into PatchKit’s launcher technology.

While nearly all games launching on PC release through Steam and other game stores, many developers and publishers want the added freedom to distribute their games directly themselves. Thanks to PatchKit, this is now possible through their cloud-based distribution platform and light-weight customizable launcher tool. This partnership allows us to supercharge the PatchKit game launcher with LootLocker's cross-platform player accounts, messaging, microtransactions, and other live ops tools.

We’re looking forward to working with PatchKit to provide developers and publishers with more tools and flexibility to distribute their games however they want.

Please reach out if you want to learn more:

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