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Alexander Bergendahl2 min read
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We're excited to announce that we will be sponsoring the upcoming ScoreSpace Game Jam which begins on April 29th over on Itch.io!

We met up with the founder of ScoreSpace Khaalid Booker ('KB' for short) at GDC earlier this year and immediately clicked over what we were both doing. It didn't take long before we agreed to support ScoreSpace and provide our leaderboard services for the games being produced through the game jam.

For those of you that aren't familiar with ScoreSpace - it's a unique type of game jam. Like with any game jam, developers and creators are given a certain amount of time (72 hours in this case) to build a game around a theme. What's different with ScoreSpace is that all submissions need to feature a leaderboard in the game in order to qualify. After the jam, streamers play the top 3 submissions and compete for high scores (which also provides a great playtest / feedback loop for the developers interested in continuing development of their games). Finally, the ScoreSpace team works with the developers to tweak and publish their game on mobile coinciding with a ScoreDrop where players get a chance to win prizes for setting top scores.

Pretty cool, right? We think so. And that's exactly why we want to support an initiative like this. We're directly helping developers and creators building awesome games with unique marketing and launch strategies.

If you're interested in participating in the jam or just want to see what amazing games come out of it, make sure to follow ScoreSpace on Twitter. If you do end up competing, good luck!

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