Unreal Engine Server SDK

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Alexander Bergendahl2 min read
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We are excited to announce the release of the long-awaited Unreal Engine Server SDK for LootLocker. This SDK can be used in conjunction with your dedicated server to securely communicate with the LootLocker backend platform. It is ideal for multiplayer and competitive games where server authority over the game is essential to maintain a fun and balanced experience.

In some games, it is acceptable for the Game API to communicate directly with LootLocker because any data modification on the client will not impact the gaming experience for other players. However, in other games, especially those that are multiplayer and/or competitive, allowing the Game API to directly manage players' inventories, wallets, progression, or scores can lead to other players ruining the gaming experience for the rest of the community. This is where using the Server SDK is recommended. With the Unreal Engine Server SDK, only the server can modify the data being sent to LootLocker, so everything remains secure and fair.

If the Unreal Engine Server SDK is what you have been waiting for, you can download it right now from Github and start using it in your game. All our documentation has been updated as well. If you encounter any issues, you can always contact us on Discord.

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