How to Install and Configure the LootLocker SDK for Unity

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Johannes Fornaeus3 min read
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Installing Git

We’re going to install the LootLocker SDK into Unity.

To do this, we need to install Git first. This will allow us to add the SDK to our project quickly and easily. (If you already have Git installed, you can skip this first part)

  1. Go to:
  2. Choose the right download for your platform:

  • Follow the Git installer’s instructions.
  • Adding the SDK to Unity

    Now with Git installed, we can add LootLocker to our project quickly and easily.

    Quick note: You might need to restart Unity before it recognizes you’ve installed Git.

    1. Open Unity
    2. Select Window -> Package Manager

  • In the package manager window, click the plus (+) sign in the top left and select Add Package from Git URL:
  • A text box will come up. Into that text box, enter: and hit Add:
  • Unity will now have a quick think and then start downloading the LootLocker SDK.

    Selecting a platform

    Now we’ve installed the SDK, we now need to select what platform we will use for our game.

    1. Go to and Log In:

  • We need to enable guest accounts, so we’ll have an identifier for our players. When you’ve logged in and arrived at the dashboard, click the cogwheel on the sidebar:

  • Next, click on Platforms:

  • Select what type of authentication you will use for your game:

    1. If you don’t know what to choose here, we recommend that you start with the Guest Login or White Label Login, changing to another type of authentication later is easy. You can also learn more about each authentication type here.

    2. Remember to switch on Enabled in the top right corner and click Save.

  • Configuring the SDK

    We need to tell the LootLocker SDK in Unity what game it should be referencing. First, we copy the identifier for our game – our API key.

    1. Head back to the LootLocker dashboard ( and click on the cogwheel:

  • Click Game Settings:
  • Click the API tab and copy the Game API key. (Select the text and hit Ctrl+C):
  • Inside Unity, go to Edit -> Project Settings and click LootLocker SDK:
  • Now paste your copied API key into the API Key field:
  • Done!
  • You now have everything set up to make your first API call to the server. We've written many guides to get you started on how to use LootLocker in a variety of different ways which you can find in our guides section.

    Or if you want to get started right away, head right over to our documentation page.

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