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Our brand new Leaderboard system is now live and accessible through the LootLocker Management Console and ready for integration into your game by using the latest Unity and Unreal SDKs! In addition to a fresh new look and functionality (more on that below) we have also begun the process of moving our frontend technology to a more modern stack, with React, NextJS and Tailwind CSS, and started building new features in Golang when possible for added responsiveness!


Here's a quick overview of our new Leaderboard system.

Leaderboards come in two types - Player Leaderboards and Generic Leaderboards. Player Leaderboards, as the name suggests, are automatically connected to player profiles in your game. Generic Leaderboards, on the other hand, are not connected automatically to players and can be associated to anything you'd like - such as guilds, groups, maps, or something else.

As expected, Leaderboards can be sorted in Ascending or Descending directions depending on how you want to the data to be stored and sent to your game.

Finally, we also provide you with two settings:

Enable Game API allows the Game API to submit scores to the Leaderboard. This means that a player's game instance has the ability to write scores to your Leaderboard which makes the system more simple to implement as you don't need a separate game server, but also opens it up to manipulation by players. We always recommend that you use a game server when posting scores to your leaderboard, but appreciate the added complexity that brings to game development. Thankfully with our new Leaderboard system it is possible to edit and delete Leaderboard entries in case you find a player who has been submitting false scores.

Overwrite Score on Submit basically does as it says - when selected it will always overwrite a previous score submitted by the player (or non-player) even if it's worse than the previous score. Usually Leaderboards only save your top score, but sometimes you want to save the latest score by a player so we've provided functionality for that!

Future Plans

In the future we plan to add more functionality to the Leaderboards such as automatically resetting Leaderboards based on a schedule, manually adding entries (as "pacers" for new players), and assigning rewards to certain leaderboard position based on a pre-defined frequency.

If you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see in a Leaderboard, please let us know via email or Twitter.

As usual, all of our user documentation can be found here, our Game API references can be found here, and our Game Server API references can be found here. To see what else we're working on make sure you check out our Public Roadmap.

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