LootLocker Unity SDK

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Andreas Stokholm1 min read
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This week we officially launched the LootLocker Unity SDK making it even easier to integrate LootLocker into your Unity project. The Unity SDK includes 3 elements:

  • The SDK, which also includes the optional Admin SDK
  • The SampleApp, which demonstrates LootLocker in action in an Unity scene
  • The TestScenes, which demonstrate each API in their own scene (Game/Samples/Scenes)

The SDK has been fully documented from installation, to set up, and usage with sample calls for every API endpoint. You can find this documentation, along with the rest of the LootLocker documentation at docs.lootlocker.com.

The SDK can be downloaded from our GitHub repo.

In collaboration with the SDK, we have also released a mobile app based on the SampleApp project that showcases LootLocker features running in an app. More about that in the next blog post!

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