A Look Back at 2022

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Alexander Bergendahl3 min read
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Can you believe it’s already 2023?

In some ways it makes total sense as we've had an action packed year here at LootLocker (and we’ve traveled around the sun another full orbit). On the other hand, 2022 flew right past us. I guess time passes quickly when you’re having fun, right?

2022 was another banner year for LootLocker. We have a lot to celebrate, so let’s get things rolling:

A Growing Team

Last year, we more than tripled our team size, going from three to ten members. We brought on a game developer, Johannes, to strengthen the connection between our technology and our customers. He's been busy creating guides, videos, and supporting our community on Discord. Additionally, we recruited amazing backend engineers from companies like Mojang, DICE, and Lush, as well as a fantastic frontend developer to enhance our web console experience. This also meant for our first team all-hands in Stockholm, which we celebrated in October.

A Stunning New Website

We wanted our website to reflect the creativity and artistry that makes the games industry so special. So, we launched a brand new website that truly captures the essence of LootLocker and the amazing diverse games that use our technology. With the launch of the website, we also moved to a new URL, LootLocker.com and our web console to console.lootlocker.com.

Fundraising Success

The launch of our new website also marked the announcement of our latest round of fundraising. We raised over $2 million from a group of distinguished VCs and angel investors. This will enable us to continue developing the best backend technology for game developers, helping them build, ship, and run the most successful games possible. Learn more about it in our blog post announcement.

New & Improved Features

While we’ve been fundraising, growing the team, and launching a new website we’ve also released a host of new features and upgrades, such as:

And of course, many smaller improvements and bug fixes, which you can find in our weekly changelog.

Growth and Impact

We want to champion all game developers, not just those with decades of experience and a big budgets from publishers and investors. And we mean all developers: indies, weekend warriors, hobbyists, double-A, triple-A, triple-I - whatever you call yourself. So we’re delighted to see that tens of thousands of developers have already created their own LootLocker accounts and began exploring all of the possibilities LootLocker brings them. If you haven’t checked out some of the amazing games powered by LootLocker, you can find them all in our blog.

Well that’s enough looking backward, time to focus on the future. Let's see what 2023 brings us!

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